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The Modern Vintage Cabinet Furniture Flip

Let's talk about this piece. I was donated this awesome piece by a friend who owns a storage shed company. This piece came from an old shed that had been repo'd and was likely heading to the dump. He asked if I was interested, and um yes... of course I was.

This wooden cabinet had great bones but lots of damage. I wanted to save what I could and restore the beauty as well. Let's talk about what I did.

I first decided to remove the back decorative section

(because it was broken, but also because I wanted to modernize this piece)

And as I looked at the piece, I felt like removing the doors would really open it up and show off the beautiful shelving that was inside. (Okay, the shelving wasn't beautiful at first, it was covered with fruit and floral wallpaper that needed removing, but I knew there was some beauty underneath!!

Guess what else was inside? LOL, a hidden treasure from the past (How long has it been since you saw a Blockbuster video?) My kids thought this was a book. Man I feel old.

So I got to work removing the doors filling the holes and sanding them down. I then sanded down and stained the top in cappuccino stain and finishing oil from Fusion Mineral Paint. I love that this is a stain and sealant in one. I also painted the outside of the piece in a gorgeous all in one paint from Country Chic paint called Hollow Hill. Check out that color and stain below!!!

Now let's talk about the part that really made this piece a labor of love. The backing! I first tried attaching a vintage floral textured wallpaper to the back of this piece. I used the glue that was already on the paper along with a spray glue. I measured the paper and cut it using a quilting material knife and carefully placed it on the back of the piece. I let it dry, sat the piece up and came back an hour later to the paper in a roll on the floor. Ugh.... 😩

I was determined to use this paper so I went to the hardware store and purchased a higher level of adhesion spray glue. I resprayed the paper, and attached it to the back of the piece once again. I let it dry for a longer period of time, and was so excited that it stayed But........

The paper then bubbled up. Both sides of the paper were textured and this was making it much more difficult to attach. So... I decided to change it up.

I still used a textured wallpaper, but one that was smooth on one side, was newer and was a different texture. The high adhesion spray glue worked perfectly with this paper and there were no bubbles and no unrolling. I promise furniture refinishing is not nearly as easy as it looks in all those before and after videos lol. But most things that are worth it, don't come easy.

So here is my final piece: I really like the way this paper looked with the modern hardware I replaced as well.

What do you think? What questions do you have?

What would you have done to this piece?

I absolutely love the way it turned out. And am so excited for the client who purchased this beauty!!

The verse I chose for this piece is : Proverbs 3:5

Hope y'all love it!! Have a blessed day and be sure to check back to my blog for more details on how I complete my fun furniture flips and DIY's!



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