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Simple DIY : From Broken Racket to Jewelry Holder

When my daughter came to me with her beloved broken tennis racket and told me she didn't want to throw it away, we decided to get creative and make it into something functional!

Let me tell you all the steps we went through to get to this cute DIY!!

This racket was done for and was already cracked on both sides. So we decided to cut off the bottom of the racket and just use the area above the break.

Step 1 : Cut the racket with a Miter Saw

We marked on the racket where we wanted the cut to be and used the miter saw to cut each side, flipping between the two.

I used my favorite saw from Craftsman. I never thought I would be a power tool kind of girl, but this thing has come in handy for so many furniture flips and DIY's.

Step 2: Drill Holes in the Racket

We used a drill bit to drill through the racket and make holes large enough to put a wire through. (The first plan was to string wire through the holes - but that didn't quite work out the way we planned)

The wire splintered and ended up hurting us, so we adapted the plan and decided to put a small ribbon through the holes.

Step 3: String It Up:

Sooo much better! In order to pull the ribbon through the holes, we tried two different techniques. Both actually worked, but one was a little safer than the other. The first technique was to pull a needle and thread through the ribbon and pull it through the holes. This worked great, but if you are doing this craft with a younger child, the next technique is probably safer. My daughter grabbed a bobby pin letting the ribbon fall in the middle and used the bobby pin to pull the ribbon through the holes. Although this was a tighter squeeze, it worked just fine.

We pulled one ribbon through the left side of the racket , and another ribbon through the right side of the racket, then used a cute large black and white ribbon to tie the two together. (see pic below for more understanding)

Step 4: Add Curtain Hooks

We then grabbed a few extra curtain hooks that I had in my closet (p.s. Super tip: I use these hooks to hang my jeans in my closet as well) and hooked them on the racket. This gave us a spot to hang rings, necklaces and hoop earrings on the racket. Some earrings were easy to hang on the racket without the hooks.

And now my daughter has a fun, creative one of a kind jewelry holder that also adds character to her room!

What do you think of this fun DIY? I would love to hear your questions and comments below!!

Check out the video tutorial here!! (and if you don't already follow Prayed Over Pieces on Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube be sure to check out all the fun flips and DIY's on these channels!! )

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