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Have you ever wanted to refinish a piece of furniture but weren't quite sure how or what supplies to use?

This course is for you!! I simplify the steps and go through the process, so it goes smooth and easy! 

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Refinish A Piece with Me: In 3 Days : 

A Beginner's Guide

 My refinishing course is perfect for beginners who have always wanted to try their hand at painting furniture. It includes step by step instructions with me over 3 days (prep, paint and seal! plus so much more). This is the course that I wish I would have had when I started out. The guide will explain what supplies you need, the tips and tricks to get a professional finish, and lots of bonus extras to increase your comfort with getting started. You receive lifetime access to the course (you can go at your own pace) as well as membership to a private furniture refinishing page "Fearless Flipping with Prayed Over Pieces" where you can post your newly refinished pieces, ask questions and learn from others in the community. My goal for you is that this course pays for itself when you sell your first piece or choose to refinish your own piece rather than pay someone else to do it, because WHY BUY WHEN YOU CAN DIY??? 

 I can't wait to see you there! 


Common Questions: 

What kind of course is this? 

This is an online course of guides that you do at your own pace, and you receive lifetime access. 

What is the price?  


Although this course could 

easily go for much more, my goal is to keep it affordable and accessible for all. 

What else is included with the course? 

You will also receive extra PDF's on sealants, sanders, brands I recommend, special discount codes and A Beginner's Furniture Refinishing

Supply Checklist. (As well as the private Facebook page membership) 

What will I learn? 

The steps that every beginner

needs to know when refinishing furniture. How to prep, sand, prime, paint, stain, and seal a piece from start to finish as well as recommended products. 

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