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How to Flip Furniture for Beginners


By Autumn 

Common Questions: 


What Kind of Course is this? 

This is an online course of guides that you do at your own pace, and you receive lifetime access. 


What is the price? 


My goal is to make getting started with furniture refinishing easily attainable for anyone, so I kept it affordable and accessible for all. 

chairs after 1 .jpg

What will I learn? 

The steps that every beginner

needs to know when refinishing furniture. How to prep, sand, prime, paint, stain, and seal a piece from start to finish as well as recommended products. 

final bleached piece.PNG

I've Never Done Anything Like this Before 

Do I need Experience? 

Nope, I take my time in the videos and explain each step. You don't need fancy tools or any experience. This is the perfect course for someone just getting started (and you get my best tips and secrets too!) 


What is included? 

You will also receive extra PDF's on sealants, sanders, brands I recommend, special discount codes and A Beginner's Furniture Refinishing

Supply Checklist.  


How do I get started? 

Just click here to get started! You will have instant access. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.  I can't wait to see your beautiful transformations! 

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