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Furniture Flipper,
Refinishing coach, and Faith Filled DIY Addict

So glad you are here!!
I’m Autumn. I help people “Find the Good” in some really difficult pieces.
I am a furniture flipper, and DIY’er but most importantly wife, mom and believer. I have been refinishing furniture since 2018 with what first started as a hobby and turned into my full time “Why.”
At Prayed Over Pieces, each piece of furniture is a reminder that there is so much beneath the surface. We just have to be brave enough to pick up a paintbrush and some  power tools (don't worry I'll teach you how) and have some faith. My goal is to empower women to jump in to DIY with confidence knowing that their home can have a designer look on a budget.

 You can find me (likely covered in paint) taking pieces from trash to treasure, teaching my favorite tips for flips, and trying new DIY techniques in my own home over on: 
Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and my YouTube channel called "The Furniture Flipper's Guide"! 
(be sure to follow and subscribe for all the best updates!! ) 

Prayed Over Pieces has grown from a creative outlet hobby to a full time passion.As I refinish custom pieces for clients, individual pieces and complete fun home DIY's, I share behind the scenes on my social media channels, teaching techniques and sharing fun furniture flipping posts and reels. 

"I'm passionate about not only empowering others to feel comfortable enough to DIY without fear, but to also make sure they have a blast at the same time!"

Come on in and let's  start your own FEARLESS DIY journey!! 
I can't wait to hear how you use these skills to beautify your home
or even start your own profit making refinishing business! 


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